Exploring the perceptions of Manufacturing: E3 Recruitment's Webinar with West Yorkshire Combined Authority

By E3 Recruitment
schedule21st Jun 23

E3 Recruitment recently hosted a captivating webinar in collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, shedding light on the perceptions surrounding the manufacturing industry for students. This insightful event, held as part of E3R's Manufacturing Futures Virtual Summit during the renowned Leeds Manufacturing Festival, aimed to challenge common misconceptions and showcase the dynamic and innovative nature of the sector. With distinguished panellists from various fields, the webinar provided a platform to discuss career opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, and the essential skills required for the future of manufacturing.

Jane Green, Skills for Business Manager at West Yorkshire Combined Authority, emphasised the significance of manufacturing in the region, with 30% of businesses in West Yorkshire operating in this sector. However, she acknowledged the prevailing perception of manufacturing as an outdated, declining industry plagued by low pay and long hours. The webinar sought to debunk these stereotypes and reveal the truth about modern manufacturing.

The webinar featured three remarkable panellists who shared their inspiring journeys and shed light on the evolving landscape of manufacturing. Julie Penman, Manufacturing and Training Business Development Manager with the National Physical Laboratory's Advanced Machinery Productivity Initiative (MPI), highlighted the initiative's focus on identifying both current and future skills requirements. By exploring advancements in areas such as AI, virtual reality, and new materials, the MPI is paving the way for exciting career opportunities beyond traditional roles.

Claire Paxman, Brand Ambassador & Director of Global Training, of Paxman Scalp Cooling, shared a deeply personal story that drove her passion for manufacturing. Paxman Scalp Cooling produces a medical device that helps cancer patients minimise hair loss during chemotherapy. Claire's journey from a career in the travel industry to becoming an integral part of her family's business showcases the diverse paths available within manufacturing. She emphasised the importance of pursuing work that ignites a sense of purpose and the rewards that come with hard work and dedication.

Tom White, CEO and self-proclaimed daydreamer and inventor, exemplified the power of imagination in the manufacturing sector. As a chemical process engineer at C Capture, Tom's work revolves around tackling environmental challenges, particularly carbon capture. His journey highlighted the critical role engineers play in applying scientific knowledge to real-world problems, fostering sustainable solutions for a better future.

Unveiling the Future of Manufacturing:

The panellists’ journeys highlighted the breadth of opportunities available within the manufacturing industry. From research and development to marketing, quality control, operations, and international collaboration, manufacturing encompasses a wide array of roles and functions. The webinar showcased the importance of combining academic expertise, research, and engineering prowess to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge on the global stage.

Jane Green invited Claire and Tom to reflect on their personal experiences, including challenges faced and lessons learned along the way. Claire's story underscored the significance of building confidence and seising unexpected opportunities. Tom emphasised the importance of finding passion and purpose, acknowledging that the journey to success is rarely a straight path. Their insights resonated with aspiring professionals, encouraging them to persevere, take risks, and constantly seek personal growth.

E3 Recruitment's webinar with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority offered an enlightening exploration of the manufacturing industry, dispelling misconceptions and showcasing its dynamic nature.

The panellists’ stories exemplified the diverse pathways and exciting prospects available within the sector. As manufacturing continues to evolve with advancements in technology and sustainability, it presents an array of career opportunities for young talents.

By embracing innovation, pursuing passions, and developing the necessary skills, the next generation can contribute to the growth and success of this crucial industry

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