E3R’s General Manufacturing Team Welcomes New Starter, Lewis Lynch

By E3 Recruitment
schedule9th Oct 23

Last month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lewis Lynch, Recruitment Consultant, to our General Manufacturing team at E3 Recruitment.

Guided by our Associate Director, Matt Booth, within the General Manufacturing recruitment team, Lewis has committed his initial month to internal training. This preparation aims to equip him with the skills needed to adeptly handle staffing requirements in the realm of General Manufacturing.

Continue reading to learn more about Lewis and the crucial role he plays at E3 Recruitment!

Can you tell us about your background and how you got started in recruitment? 

Prior to joining recruitment, I worked in sales. Recognising my talent for building strong relationships with customers I know recruitment was the path I wanted to pursue, so when the opportunity came up, I went for it, firstly I gained experience with internal recruitment, this did not give me environment I was after, so I stepped into agency recruitment, and I have not looked back since.


What are some of the key qualities and skills that you think are important for success as a recruiter?  

Being a recruiter requires a blend of interpersonal and organisational skills. Key qualities include excellent communication, empathy, adaptability, and the ability to build rapport quickly. Strong organisational skills help me, as a recruiter, to manage multiple tasks and candidates efficiently.


How do you build relationships with clients and candidates, and what strategies do you use to keep these relationships strong over time?  

Building relationships with clients and candidates involves active listening, understanding their needs, and delivering value. Regular communication through channels like phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings helps me to build and maintain strong relationships.


Can you walk us through your process for identifying and evaluating potential candidates, and what criteria do you use to determine whether someone is a good fit for a particular role?  

The process starts with a thorough analysis of the job role and the company culture. Candidates are screened through CV reviews, phone interviews, and skill assessments (for some roles) throughout these I am assessing both the technical abilities and cultural fit. Evaluation criteria include skills, experience, attitude, and alignment with company values.


How do you stay up to date with changes in the job market and industry trends, and what strategies do you use to incorporate this knowledge into your work?  

Staying current with market trends and industry changes is important for my role. Engaging in conversations with colleagues and attending networking events contributes to a well-rounded understanding of my market.


How do you balance the need to fill open positions quickly with the need to find the right candidate for the job? 

Conversations are key. I engage in numerous conversations every day and take notes. This approach enables me to refer back to previous conversations when new roles become available, expediting the process of filling positions without compromising on finding the right candidate


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in a career in recruitment? 

For those starting in recruitment, you need to be resilient, this role is a whirlwind of ups and downs.


How do you measure your success as a recruiter, and what metrics do you use to evaluate your performance? 

I measure success through a combination of metrics and qualitative feedback. These metrics include time to fill and back-out statistics, having these allows me to keep track of my success rate.


If you are seeking a company that fosters both professional and personal growth, equipping you with the necessary tools to achieve success, E3R might be the perfect place for you.

At E3R, our current standing is owed to the dedicated individuals who contribute to our success. As we continue to expand, we actively seek talented individuals to join our teams. Whether your expertise lies in recruitment, finance, marketing, compliance, or training, we warmly welcome your interest in exploring the possibilities of joining our organisation.

To get a glimpse of life at E3R, feel free to visit our Instagram page here or check out our LinkedIn profile here.

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