E3R makes a Christmas donation to CHSF

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Instead of sending Christmas cards E3R has made a donation to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund which has been our charity partner for the last two years and we have raised over £5,250.

This amazing charity helps children and adults born with congenital heart disease and their families. The charity’s vision is to support hearts for life and their mission is to make the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, based at Leeds General Infirmary, a world class centre of excellence.

Did you know each year:
– Approximately 400 children undergo heart surgery
– 450 children have interventional treatments such as pacemakers, catheters and stents
– 10,000 children pass through the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit
– 180 children and families are seen by the psychology service
– 1669 children and 722 adults underwent heart surgery procedures between 2012 and 2015

For further information on this amazing charity please visit: www.chsf.org.uk