E3 Recruitment’s Manufacturing Futures Virtual Summit 2023

By E3 Recruitment
schedule10th May 23

Exploring the Future of Manufacturing in Partnership with Leeds Manufacturing Festival

The manufacturing industry is an ever-changing landscape that continually adopts new technologies and practices to contribute significantly to the regional and global economy. In this dynamic sector, manufacturers must stay up to date with the latest trends, developments, and best practices to remain competitive and succeed.

To help equip industry professionals with the insights and strategies they need to thrive, we are proud to present the E3 Recruitment Manufacturing Futures Virtual Summit as part of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival. Our series of free online events will bring together experts, educators, and business leaders to explore the future of manufacturing.

Covering a diverse range of topics, our webinars will provide valuable insights on attracting and retaining diverse talent, understanding T-levels, and breaking the silence around men's mental health in the workplace, among others. E3 Recruitment is our partner and sponsor in this initiative, and we aim to offer manufacturers of all sizes the expert guidance they need to drive their businesses forward.

Our joint mission is to help manufacturers succeed today and in the years to come. By leveraging our extensive industry connections and providing tools for growth, we aim to empower businesses and teams of all sizes with the resources to succeed in an ever-changing industry.


Building a Stronger Workforce: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent in Manufacturing

Date: Monday 5th June

Time: 2pm

Hosted by: Make UK

This webinar hosted by MAKE UK explores how manufacturers can attract and retain talent in a rapidly changing industry. The expert speaker, Jamie Cater, Senior Policy Maker at MAKE UK, shares insights on building a diverse and inclusive workplace and a strong talent pipeline for the future.

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Perceptions of Manufacturing: Panel Discussion for Students

Date: Tuesday 6th June

Time: 10am

Hosted by: West Yorkshire Combined Authority

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority hosts this webinar to challenge the common perception of the industry as old-fashioned and declining. Industry experts discuss the challenges and opportunities in the industry and the various roles available, from engineering and design to marketing and supply chain management, giving curious students from Leeds a chance to gain insights into the diverse career opportunities available in the manufacturing industry.

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Women in Manufacturing: Creating a More Inclusive Future

Date: Wednesday 7th June

Time: 10am

Hosted by: Ahead Partnerships with Sulzer and Leeds Welding Company

This webinar, hosted by Ahead Partnerships with Sulzer and Leeds Welding Company, focuses on creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Two remarkable women in manufacturing, Tyra Jones from Sulzer and Debbie Grayson from Leeds Welding Company, share their experiences and insights on creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

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Understanding T Levels for Manufacturers

Date: Thursday 8th of June

Time: 10am

Hosted by: Leeds City College

This webinar hosted by Leeds City College aims to provide an understanding of T Levels, the new technical qualifications in England that combine technical knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for skilled employment or further study. The expert panel covers a range of topics, including the content of T Levels and how manufacturers can support this new qualification.

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Breaking the Silence: Supporting Men's Mental Health in the Workplace

Date: Friday 9th

Time: 11am

Hosted by: Andy’s Man Club

This webinar, hosted by E3 Recruitment’s Charity Partner, Andy’s Man Club, discusses the importance of mental health awareness and support for men, and the role employers can play in creating a safe and supportive workplace. The session introduces Andy’s Man Club, a charity dedicated to reducing male suicides by providing a non-judgmental space for men to talk about their mental health.

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Taking Control of Energy Costs for Manufacturers

Date: Monday 12th

Time: 2pm

Hosted by: Inspired PLC

Manufacturers face energy cost volatility due to the recent crisis. This webinar, hosted by Inspired PLC, discusses energy procurement, efficiency, self-generation, and renewable technology for competitiveness. Attendees will learn about flexible procurement, efficiency surveys, intensity metrics, circuit-level monitoring, and Net Zero pressure. The webinar aims to provide strategies to control energy costs and secure a sustainable future for businesses.

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Increasing Productivity Through Apprenticeships

Date: Tuesday 13th at 10am

Time: 10am

Hosted by: Yorkshire Learning Providers

This webinar, hosted by Yorkshire Learning Providers, explores how apprenticeships can increase productivity in manufacturing. The expert panel discusses the benefits of apprenticeships and how they improve retention and reduce skills gaps.

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Using Psychometric Assessments to Enhance On-boarding, Training, Development, and Engagement for Manufacturers

Date: Tuesday 13th

Time: 1pm

Hosted by: Informed Assessments

This webinar, hosted by Informed Assessments, shows how psychometric assessments can be used to enhance onboarding, training, and development. Learn how assessments can support development, identify team areas for improvement, and understand employee motivation. Discover how to unlock your employees' potential and drive business success.

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How to Build a Winning Apprenticeship Scheme

Date: Wednesday 14th

Time: 2pm

Hosted by: Next Gen Makers

Join Next Gen Makers webinar to learn how to create a winning apprenticeship scheme to address the skills gap and shortage of qualified workers in the evolving manufacturing industry. Lucy Porrit, from Next Gen Makers, will cover key topics like identifying skills, designing a program, selecting candidates, creating a supportive learning environment, and measuring success. HR professionals and talent managers in manufacturing should attend for valuable insights and best practices.

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Inspiring Pupils into Green Careers to Fill the Sustainability Skills Gap

Date: Thursday 15th

Time: 11am

Hosted by: Ahead Partnerships

As the world faces the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, the demand for individuals with the skills and knowledge to drive sustainability initiatives is growing. Engaging with young people is a critical way to build the talent pipeline needed to meet this demand. During this insightful session, manufacturers will learn about the essential role they can play in partnering with employers to increase pupils' readiness for green careers.

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Attracting & Retaining Top Talent: Employer Brand Marketing

Date: Friday 16th

Time: 10am

Hosted by: E3 Recruitment

Join E3 Recruitment for a webinar on "Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Employer Brand Marketing". Our experts will share best practices for identifying, attracting, and retaining talent in manufacturing. Learn about employer branding, candidate experience, technology for recruitment, employee retention, and industry trends.

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Don't miss out on these valuable webinars to enhance your talent management strategies and address the skills gap in manufacturing. Register today to reserve your spot!

E3 Recruitment is a proud sponsor of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival, and we bring this virtual summit in partnership with them. Our joint goal is to offer manufacturers of all sizes the expert guidance they need to drive their businesses forward. Our summit covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable insights that can benefit companies at all stages of their growth.

Leveraging our extensive industry connections, we strive to equip businesses and teams of all sizes with the tools they need to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape. Our mission is to help manufacturers succeed, both today and in the years to come.

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